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Lymphatic Massage Therapy

Elevate Your Recovery with an Advanced Colombian Post-Op Lymphatic Massage

After cosmetic surgery, getting enough vitamins and minerals can be challenging. This is a vulnerable time, and your immune system needs extra support. Why not make your recovery more comfortable with an Advanced Colombian Post-Op Lymphatic Massage? At Good Body Recovery Post-op & Wellness, our expert team understands that the road to rejuvenation involves more than just surgery. It requires a comprehensive approach that addresses the body’s unique therapeutic needs.

What is a Lymphatic Massage

A lymphatic massage is a game-changing solution both pre- and post-surgery. It targets the lymphatic system: a network of veins, tissue, and nodules that connect to a fluid called “lymph.”


Here in Boynton Beach, we offer a technique called Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), also known as Advanced Colombian Post-Op Lymphatic Massage. The technique offers a light touch while releasing excess fluid back into the lymphatic vessels. 


Using circular movements and light pumping, our service is designed to reduce inflammation, pain, and swelling. It also fights necrosis, fibrosis, and fluid retention. 


Look no further than Good Body Recovery for your next lymphatic massage. Our experts are trained in the latest techniques, and they’re ready to help you feel better. Contact us now to schedule your appointment. 

Who can benefit from MLD?

Not just for pre- and post-op clients, MLD is designed for anyone seeking relief from bloating, swelling, and puffiness. Whether you’ve undergone a transformative mommy makeover, or you’re recovering from liposuction, BBL, or breast/chin/lip surgery, Good Body RN is here for you. 

We even serve clients who are simply looking to rejuvenate and detoxify the body with our Detox Brazilian Lymphatic Massage services.  

Why Book an MLD, Brazilian Lymphatic or Advanced Post-op Massage?

•    Alleviate pain: Find relief from post-surgical discomfort.

•    Prevent inflammation: Put an end to unwanted swelling.

•    Improve circulation: Enhance blood flow for faster recovery.

•    Reduce fibrosis: Lower your risk of scar tissue formation.

•    Decrease bruising: Recover easier from injury or surgery.

•    Restore sensation: Reconnect with heightened skin sensitivity.

•    Eliminate toxins and excess fluid: Purify the body naturally.

•    Relax the central nervous system: Achieve a state of calm and tranquility.

MLD is designed to make you feel better. Our cutting-edge procedure will cleanse your body and get you back to your life quicker.  

When can I Start Treatment?

Nonsurgical clients are welcome to start treatment at any time. Following surgical recommendations, post-op clients often begin treatment the day after their procedure.

We mean it when we say our Advanced Colombian Post-Op Lymphatic Massage sets the stage for a revitalized you. The goal is to give your body an extra boost and kickstart your recovery. 

How Treatments do You Recommend?

The golden rule will always be to follow the instructions of your surgeon. While we generally recommend 10 to 20 treatments post-surgery, Good Body RN offers a truly personalized approach. Treatment plans may vary based on factors like your condition, age, and individual needs. 


Connect with our trained RNs for a thorough virtual or in-person consultation. Call (561) 600-0447 and get on the path to wellness now.

Post op Massage Packages 

Post-op massages are therapeutic massages performed after a surgical procedure to promote healing, reduce pain & inflammation, improve circulation, & aid in the recovery process

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Image by Alexander Krivitskiy
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