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Hydration Therapy: What Is It and Why You Might Need It

Surely, you have been told that you must remain hydrated by consuming copious amounts of water. While this is true, there is a much better way to meet your fluid intake needs, and this is Hydration therapy. Hydration therapy is when fluids and nutrients are delivered straight into your veins via an IV. IV hydration therapy is increasing in popularity, especially among those who are health conscious. You need hydration therapy because it will offer you numerous benefits. There are five benefits to receiving concierge IV hydration therapy.

1. Easy on the Digestive System

Consuming significant amounts of fluid can sometimes be difficult on the digestive system. To meet hydration needs, you need to drink more than your body can take in at one time. This leads to feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Then your digestive tract works to get rid of excess fluid, and along with this excess fluid vital nutrients are also flushed away. With IV hydration therapy, your body can absorb fluid without causing you to feel uncomfortable. You also do not lose any nutrients. You can also absorb vital nutrients via an IV drip that includes vitamins and electrolytes.

2. Customized to Meet Your Individual Needs

All of us have different needs, and these needs depend on our health status, metabolic makeup, and lifestyle choices. Those who suffer from metabolic disorders, such as Mitochondrial Disease, will require more support than those who do not have errors in their metabolism. Merely drinking lots of fluid is not going to enable everyone to feel at their best especially if there are difficulties with absorption. Some will require additional support to feel revitalized. With concierge IV hydration therapy, your individual needs can be met adequately since the therapy can be customized by blending a cocktail consisting of fluids, vitamins and electrolyte’s that fit whatever you require.

3. Removes Toxins From the Body

While consuming large volumes of fluid will remove toxins from your body, hydration therapy will do this better. Often, consuming fluids orally does not allow them to be distributed fast enough throughout your body, so toxins are still inside your organs. When receiving fluids through an IV, your liver and kidneys can remove toxins more efficiently as the fluid will be absorbed and distributed quickly to all your vital organs.

4. You Are Revitalized Quickly

Hydration therapy revitalizes you quickly. In just one hour, you can go from feeling tired, stiff, and sore to feeling like you can take on the world. It will be difficult for you to achieve such quick results by consuming fluids orally. Sometimes, you can still be dehydrated after drinking large volumes of fluids.

5. Boosts Your Immunity

Hydration therapy will play a significant role in boosting your immunity. You can receive immune-boosting compounds that will help you to stave off several illnesses. Additionally, these immune-boosting compounds can help you recover from illnesses faster. A common immune-boosting compound you can receive is a high dose of vitamin C and B12.

With this revolutionary therapy, optimal health and vitality are just moments away. If you are looking for IV hydration therapy in Boca Raton, contact Good Body Recovery.


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